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“Ignite Hope and Walk in the Same Way” source: Release time:2018-01-02 17:48:34 Return list
          On December 19, 2017, NNFE Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd donated 500 thousand Yuan to the Hebei Youth Development Foundation to support Hebei's hope project public welfare and to help poor rural areas improve their school running conditions.


          This funding is the second station of “Ignite Hope and Walk in the Same Way”series of activities - Liubazi Primary School, Sanbazi Township, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. Hou Shulin, Chairman and Secretary General of Hebei Youth Development Foundation, Chen Haizhi, Deputy Secretary General of Hebei Youth Development Foundation, and Zhao Shuo, Director of Hope Primary School Department of Hebei Youth Development Foundation warmly received General Manager Chen, the principal of NNFE Holdings Public Welfare and expressed their sincere thanks to NNFE Investment`s assistance in the construction of Hope Project.


          The school funded this time was located in the national poverty county of Hebei Province - Liubazi Village, Sanbazi Township, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County. The funds donated together with 4706 thousand Yuan as matched fund of People's Government of Qinglong County, were used for the bungalow with a building area of 260 square meters newly built in Liubazi Primary School of Sanbazi Township as comprehensive teaching house; in addition, 12 dilapidated buildings with total area of 287 square meters in the front classroom will be renovated and used for student canteen and staff quarters. Other alterations also include: the overall shift of toilet with an area of 75 square meters; extension of 110 meter campus; raising the playground with 2,100 cubic meters; maintenance and installation of the gate; construction of campus security room with 20 square meters.

          It is expected to complete the tender and commence the primary school in spring next year, and complete the reconstruction and use all school buildings before October. It is believed that the newly built and renovated Liubazi Primary School will have a spick-and-span environment, students will take on extracurricular activities, teachers will be more abundant in accommodation conditions. The greatly recovered and comprehensively improved education level of Liubazi Primary School will allow the teachers and students to be full of expectations for the future.

          General Manager Chen, the principal of NNFE Holding Public Welfare, hoped that the Youth Development Foundation of Hebei Province, the Urban Department of Education and other relevant departments and People's Government of Qinglong County paid high attention to and carefully design the construction of Liubazi Primary School, ensured the engineering quality, made good management and use of donor funds to ensure that the school would built and put into use as early as possible to benefit the majority of students in rural areas.

          General Manager Chen also said, "this funding is a small step for our company to respond to the national strategy of precision poverty alleviation. He also hoped to mobilize more social forces to focus on vulnerable groups, and to respond to and practice the understanding of national policies with actual actions. The nineteen meeting of the party once again stressed that the core essence of precise poverty alleviation policy was to “help the real poor and really help the poor”, changed the extensive poverty alleviation in the past, implemented the poverty alleviation policies and measures to the village and the household. Through precise helping to poor households and population, fundamentally solve the various factors leading to poverty and obstacle to fundamentally solve the poverty problem and to realize the real sense of poverty alleviation.

          Hou Shulin, Chairman and Secretary General of Hebei Youth Development Foundation further said that Hebei Youth Development Foundation would be sure to follow the entrustment of NNFE Investment and General Manager Chen, to actively promote the practices and experience of Qinhuangdao about Hope Project “Micro School Construction”, “Warm Lunch” and “Little Horn Story”, “Pay Attention to Stay-at-home Children”, etc., to better give play to the active role of Hope Project in targeted poverty alleviation and educational poverty alleviation. He also said that the public welfare projects meet the urgent needs and the current situation of the rural primary schools and will allow the children, especially rural left-behind children, to have new safe classroom, to eat warm lunch and to hear the spiritual story, which contribute to the healthy development of youth in rural areas, as the accurate effective measure of targeted poverty alleviation and educational poverty alleviation.

Public Welfare Project Introduction:

1. Hope project little horn story - donate 10 thousand Yuan to equip“New One Thousand and One Night" public welfare broadcast software and the "little horn" audio playback device for rural boarding schools, to help boarding schools in dormitory management, improve rural resident students adaptive ability, reading ability and the mental health problems of stay-at-home children.

2. Hope project warm lunch - donate microwave ovens by rural primary school, the mountain (400 Yuan for each) and environmental protective food container (20 Yuan for each), (a mountain teaching point needs 4-8 microwave ovens and a plurality of food containers) to help students solve the problem of eating “cold” meals.

3, Hope Project Micro School - donate 100 - 300 thousand Yuan to build a micro school with a certain proportion of matching funds from local government. Upon construction, the school will be named ** Hope Primary School in accordance with the wishes of the donor. The hope project micro school donated includes classroom for daily teaching, multifunctional rooms, teacher's dormitory, playground, toilet and other facilities to help improve conditions in rural schools, so that teachers and students have bright and spacious learning and working environment.
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